Are you a veteran artists making work to transform yourself and our world that is grappling with endless war and intrenched militarism and dehumanization?

Consider joining the emerging Veteran Art Movement network.

The emerging Veteran Art Movement is not a organization but a decentralized network of veterans and service members using creative practices to transform themselves and a society grappling with militarism and dehumanization. 

The emerging Veteran Art Movement hosts a listserv for the sharing of ideas, opportunities, and facilitation of discussion relating to the emerging Veteran Art Movement. For example, artists share invitations to upcoming shows, start discussions on a projects, ask for critique/feedback on their work, and/or just share their work.

Anyone being abusive, using discriminatory language, or abusing the list will be removed.

The emerging Veteran Art Movement is also the home of Eighty One Echo a podcast series featuring interviews with veteran artists. Each episode features an in-depth discussion of the artist's cultural background, military experience and artistic craft. 

If this sounds good to you and makes sense for your creative practice, fill out this application form

Artists in the network will review your answers and get back to you soon.